The Business Innovation Lean Center is a student faculty business at Ferris State University that prioritizes experimental learning to help the community around them. The Business Innovation Lean Center, also known as BILC, came to our design class to have a brand identity created for them since their current branding was just that of the schools.
This marked the start of a long research period to figure out what the BILC would be.
Positioning Matrix
Positioning Matrix
This research allowed us to have a better understanding of BILC, and gain insight into what they needed from this rebranding.
BILC Values
Credible Mentorship
Universal Satisfaction
Professional Growth
Community Impact
Continuous Improvement
Formative Autonomy
One thing the client had mentioned was their desire to stand out from other organization's run through Ferris, they wanted to be opening and inviting to entice new students, and they wanted to remain professional. 
The Venn diagram that was used for the word mark to represent the unity between businesses, donors, and students.
I wanted a stark difference between Ferris's serif word mark to stand out, which led to this type being chosen. The intention was to create something light and airy while remaining modern and professional.
Teal green is associated with fluid communication and clarity which I found perfect for the BILC.

I walked around campus and asked students what they knew about the Business Innovation Lean Center, and no one knew it was even a thing. This showed me that signage was a  necessary touchpoint to catch a students eye, and intrigue them enough to visit.

I mocked up the poster in the IRC/Business building on campus, since this organization is targeted towards business/marketing majors, and those interested in technology. The Lean Center is also located on the second floor of the Business Building, and would need way finding signage. 

Another way to grab student attention would be to give them more social media platforms. Currently BILC only has a Linkedin page where they post podcasts.

I created some Instagram stories to show the possibilities behind expanding their social media presence, because reaching a larger audience was important to the client.

Their original LinkedIn page where their post podcast.

The new branded format.

Another way to attract students would be a booth at Bulldog Bonanza; where at the beginning of the year, RSO's, clubs, and organizations on campus provide students with info and goodies! 

The students apart of BILC would need business cards when speaking with new partners and donors.

This is a template they could use for their letterhead.

A big goal of BILC was gaining more financial support through grants and donations. They had a mail form that I recreated to fit the new brand, and to increase readability. 

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