I'm Sarah Myers! A little about me is that I believe everything has a story and reason behind it, and I want to uncover that mystery as much as I can. As a designer, I want stories to be shown and understood, I want voices to shine through in my work, and I want that to speak to the audience. Plus, with me around,  the pocket joke book "Wizard Giggles" is also around — and that's something you don't want to miss out on!

Expected to graduate from Ferris State University in 2023. 
Based in Rockford, Michigan.
Skills                                              Tools
Graphic Design                                                                                Adobe Creative Suite
UI/UX                                                                                                         Figma
Typography                                                                                         Sketch
Collaboration                                                                                      Github
Illustration                                                                                               Procreate
Self-Driven                                                                                            HTML & CSS
Time Management                                                                       MS Office Suite
Working Remotely                                                                        Wordpress
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